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The Treatment

With the the Swaywaver Method®, we work with flowing movements and the sway of the table. We require less effort and thus protect our body; at the same time, it is more pleasant for the guest, who perceives pain points as pleasant due to the movement, because he sways himself into the pain point, so to speak.

In this workshop, the therapist learns the right treatment techniques

using the Swaywaver Method®, which enable him to carry out a complete treatment

from head to toe and to work close to the vertebrae in order to directly reach the affected

treatment regions via the fascia and the nervous system.

The workshop is divided into 2 parts:

prone position:   back/shoulder/legs/feet

supine position:   legs/arms/ hands/ neck-craniosacral


This workshop is a guide for the practitioner, after that,

the participant can work and be creative with the Swaywaver at his

own discretion to create his own treatment choreographies.


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