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The Swaywaver mechanism causes:


Sensory stimulus elimination (exteroception: refers to the perception of external stimuli from the environment and determines the impressions)

Sensory power activation (interoception: refers to the perception of internal stimuli from your own body) In this way we activate the depth sensitivity or proprioception. This releases microemotions and the guest falls into a state of deep relaxation in a way he has never experienced in a treatment.


The sophisticated mechanism of the Swaywaver consists of a spring system made up of both fixed and individual springs that can be held in place and controlled by elastic bands and tension belts.

Thus, the therapist has the possibility to modify (adjust) the table individually according to the weight of the guest.


If you want more sway, you can take out individual springs or insert additional ones. You have the possibility to adjust the 4 elastic bands in 3 states of tension (by moving the small metal rods that are in the elastic bands), and thus determine the degree of inclination of the treatment table.


The rotation of the Swaywaver is activated by turning the screw cap to the side. A foldable locking board stabilizes the table while the guest gets on or off. Black tension belts are used to fix the entire substructure in which the mechanics are located.

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