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A dance with the guest


In order to be able to work successfully with the Swaywaver treatment table, a structured basic knowledge of the various techniques and processes is required. As soon as you are familiar with these, the creative work begins with the guest on the treatment table. Every guest behaves differently on the Swaywaver, aspects such as: body weight, body size and proportions play a major role in correctly adjusting the table and for a harmonious treatment process. Most therapists are used to working on a static treatment table. Your own body weight is used to achieve dynamics, joints and posture are heavily stressed. With the Swaywaver method, we work with flowing movements and the sway of the table. We require less effort and thus protect our body; at the same time, it is more pleasant for the guest, who perceives pain points as pleasant due to the movement, because he sways himself into the pain point, so to speak.

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