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Swaywaver Academy



Would you like to learn the Swaywaver treatment method
and be able to use it independently?




The Swaywaver seminar enables therapists, masseurs, spa staff and personal trainers to learn the Swaywaver concept with the unique movement and treatment feeling on their own body.


Experience the fascinating Swaywaver treatment table up close and let its ingenious construction move you three-dimensionally and weightlessly.


You will learn about different treatment techniques that have a regulating and normalizing effect on the muscles, fascia and the various reflex points.


The diverse possibilities of the Swaywaver treatment table will delight you - and also your customers.


In a comfortable family environment, as professional therapists we will introduce you to the theory and practice of the fascinating Swaywaver basic method.

In steps you can understand, we will show you the functions of the Swaywaver treatment table and let you feel the vibrations, the rotating movements and the unique effects in an impressive way.

After successful participation, you will be able to use the Swaywaver method at your own discretion.


Basic Workshop - The Key


Introduction to the Swaywaver Method.  In easy-to-understand steps, we will show you how to work correctly and safely with the Swaywaver.

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Treatment Workshop


Learn the complete Swaywaver treatment method from head to toe.

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Spa Workshop


Especially for the Spa Ritual developed for Swaywaver. Includes body and facial treatment.


The Osteoskin® method


As a new vision, Osteoskin® combines well-known techniques in fascial treatment with the Osteoskin® Swaywaver treatment table.

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