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Anti-aging through the power of nature

Made by an osteopath


OSTEO SKIN ACTIVATOR+ "Anytime" cleaning and day care in one product,

100% from the power of nature.

Invigorating and refreshing phytoactive cucumber extract combined with vegan hyaluronic acid

and vitamin C for tired skin in need of regeneration.


Moisturizes, refreshes and regulates the pH level, and also supports

the skin's natural protective barrier.

For Cleansing


Removes oil- and water-soluble impurities, soothes and cares during cleansing.


The very refreshing effect has a decongestant effect and relieves itching, soothing the skin immediately. Redness, such as that caused by sunburn, can subside more rapidly.

Can also be used for intense deep cleansing in combination with OSTEO SKIN MASK+.

As Daily Care


Suitable as a light day care, especially in summer.

Highly concentrated cucumber extract provides your skin with everything it needs.

It counteracts inflammation and has the ability to intensely refresh the skin.


In addition, cucumber extract is ideal for light foundations, as it gives a long-lasting feeling of freshness and prevents an unpleasant mask effect.


The purely plant-based hyaluronic acid is used to intensely moisturize your skin structure and has a smoothing, plumping effect with anti-aging properties.

Vitamin C supports collagen formation and lightens unwanted pigment spots. Your complexion appears much clearer and fresher.

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Cosmetic Effect


- Cleansing and beauty care in one product

- Mattifying 24h natural spray with concentrated cucumber extract

- Regenerates facial skin with vegan hyaluronic acid (anti-aging effect)

-Supports collagen formation and lightens unwanted pigment spots

- Vitamin C supplies the skin cells with oxygen

- Reduces skin irritation and redness, especially after prolonged exposure

to the sun

How to use

To cleanse the skin, spray the activator onto a cotton pad and cleanse your face with gentle circular movements without water.

Only use water to clean off heavily soiled skin, since the ingredients already activate their caring effect once applied.

You can also apply the activator after using the OSTEO SKIN Mask+


As Daily Care

Can be used any time of the day when your skin feels tense or tired.


Inside Tip:


Maximizing Effect


In combination with OSTEO SKIN Serum+, the activator turns into a moisturizing booster that provides you with everything your skin needs.

Suitable for all skin types.

Active Ingredients:


Cucumber Cucumis sativus fruit extract, Vitamin C Ascorbil Glucoside, Hyaloronic acid Sodium Hyaluronate.

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